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As I was looking around our clubhouse the other day I saw a plaque on the wall in the lobby entrance that I’ve glanced at a time or two but to which I hadn’t really paid much attention.  Looking at it in more detail I thought that maybe others might be interested in the message it conveys.  It reads…

“The Coeur d’Alene Public Golf Club was the first public golf course in Kootenai County, and was incorporated in June, 1953.  Original Incorporators were Percy M. Lents, S. C. Sanderson, R. Patrick Campbell, Dr. Jack  Allen Rice and Attorney Sidney E. Smith. The four years between incorporation and opening consisted of outstanding effort and hard work by civic minded citizens and businesses.  They raised money by corporate and individual pledges.  Some land for the course was donated and some was purchased.  Three sub-divisions of property and sale of lots surrounding the course speeded up development of the back nine holes.  The hard work was done by months of volunteer work parties with bulldozers, chain saws, rakes, shovels, and hand axes.  All of this was accomplished at no cost to taxpayers.  Donators and contributors were issued Certificates of Indebtedness, none of which were ever claimed or paid.

This public golf course is owned by a non-profit corporation in which there are no stockholders.  It is operated by a membership restricted to residents of Kootenai County, Idaho, who meet the qualifications prescribed by the Bylaws of the Corporation and are elected to membership by the Corporate Board of Directors.  There are nine directors duly elected by the membership at an annual meeting, who serve three year terms without compensation or special privilege.

The purpose is to promote the game of golf, to operate the course and club house for the use of the general public, and to provide social and recreational facilities for the citizens of Kootenai County as a charitable corporation.”

What a cherished history we have here for those who are  fortunate enough to be a part of this wonderful course.  It is incumbent upon each of us to protect and further enhance this jewel in the heart of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  If you are already a voting member, come out and participate in the decisions needed to keep it alive, vibrant, and challenging.  If you are not yet a voting member, all it takes is a simple application with some minimal requirements submitted to the Board of Directors for their approval.  Do it today!  Help further the goals some far-sighted individuals had over 50 years ago to make the Coeur d’Alene Public Golf Club one of the finest “…social and recreational facilities…” not only for Kootenai County, but for the entire northwest. 

Coeur d'Alene Public Golf Club BY-LAWS

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