THANK YOU to the Volunteer Clean-Up Crew
Mar 4, 2016 AT 5:00 PM

On behalf of the entire staff at Coeur d'Alene Golf Club we would like to THANK all of the Member's that joined us last Friday & Saturday for our Volunteer Member Clean-Up Party. Your time and effort really assistant our maintenance crew with getting the Golf Course cleaned up and ready for opening day tomorrow March 5th. As many of you know the course took a big hit with the late November wind storm that damaged 30-40 trees, so you can imagine the amount of debris on the course.

Special thanks to the following members...

Greg Abernathy, Michael Birdsell, Ron Brown, Steve Berke, Ed Casey, Ken & Kathy Catalano, Seth Clinton, Randy Clutter, Andy Decker, Royce Drye, Karin Ducote, Warren & Mariam Ducote, Ken Eppler, Steve Flory, Pat & Jerry Frank, Paul Gathercoal, Joe Gerl, Bill Gobert, Van Greene, David Haman, Bob Hardy, James Hawkins, Rick Higbee, Jerry Hobson, Don Hull, Gary & Tina Johnson, Ron Jones, John Kern, Cris Kutteruf, Sue LaShaw, Mike Lukasiak, Mike McDowell, Craig Paterson, Lonnie Pitt, Kris Pope, Lynn Prokop, Marcia Redmond, Bob Rehnborg, Nona Rick, Anita Robinson, Jack Schlangen, Mike Schwatz, Amy Shibley, Tom Stevens, Steve Turner, Jerry Watson, David Weech, & Rob Wright. 


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